Infinity Gauntlet comes to HeroClix!

I now hold omnipotence. What should I do with such almighty power? The answer to that is actually quite simple: Anything I want.

Anything. I am incapable of error. Any result that displeases me I can simply reverse. There is nothing I need to worry on, for I am Thanos. And Thanos is supreme. Supreme.”

– Thanos, the “Mad Titan”
The Infinity Gauntlet #1 (1991)

Prepare for the challenge of your lives! The Infinity Gauntlet has been unleashed upon the world of HeroClix in an unprecedented 8-month Organized Play series! Once monthly, players will assemble in Venues all over the world and compete for the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe!
The Infinity Gauntlet represents an all-new Organized Play format that is sure to energize the player community, and inspire new players to answer the call to arms! With an ample number of participation prizes each month, players of all skill levels will receive an award for attending!
So, steel your resolve and prepare to do battle for the greatest weapon of them all! Do you have what it takes to assemble and control the Infinity Gauntlet itself? Can you safeguard reality or will you rule with impunity? Only you can decide!
The Infinity Gauntlet program is our most aggressive program in years and features ALL NEW, ALL UNIQUE content.
The program is built around the story of Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Each month players will gather at stores everywhere to compete for coveted Limited Edition figures, culminating with winners receiving Thanos atop his Shrine to Death. However, we also layered in a VERY strong participation prize element into the program. In Kit 1, each player will be given a “gem-less” Infinity Gauntlet object just for showing up to the 1st event.
Each month thereafter, players will be awarded participation prizes in the form of colored Gems. Each colored Gem attaches to the Infinity Gauntlet and unlocks a special power. After month 7 each player should have a gauntlet with 6 gems and be ready for the final showdown with Thanos at his Shrine.

Infinity Gauntlet Kit 8 (August TBA)

Your Gauntlet is assembled but one opponent still remains between you and control over all of reality; Thanos the Mad Titan himself! He has assembled a host of heroes and villains to oppose you. Can you survive this last conflict and emerge victorious with the greatest prize of all? Face your foes head-on and demonstrate why you above all others deserve omnipotence!